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Reptechnic is dedicated to supporting the innovation and development capacity of the Australian Electronics industry, with a history of experience in multiple industry segments we welcome your enquiries. See the About Us pages for more information on the companies and our solutions oriented approach.

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Products and Services

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These are the products and services offered by Reptechnic and Reptechnic Design. See the Products & ASIC pages, or the Design services pages for more information, or visit on of the links in the table below.

ASSP Reptechnic Application Specific Standard Products, and support.
CAE Tools Reptechnic Synplicity synthesis and Aldec HDL simulation tools and support.
ASIC Design Centre Services Reptechnic eASIC ASIC design centre services and support.
Project Management Reptechnic Design Design and verification project management services.
ASIC/FPGA Design Reptechnic Design ASIC and FPGA design services.
ASIC/FPGA Verification Reptechnic Design ASIC and FPGA verification services.
IP Development Reptechnic Design Design and verification IP development.
Methodology Advice Reptechnic Design Assistance with setting up or improving design and verification processes.

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