About Reptechnic

Reptechnic in brief

As a company established in the Australian electronics industry in excess of 20 years, Reptechnic provides a unique service to the industry in Australia and New Zealand. Our charter is to represent the technology solutions available from sources which are state of the art in areas such as ASIC, communications technology, programmable solutions and ASSP (Application Specific Standard Product) devices.

Reptechnic evidences a continuum of evolution and forward thinking in those companies with which it partners, particularly in the data and voice technology markets, also in ASIC technology. Reptechnic has an unparalleled reputation as a Design Centre with specific expertise in the ASIC (standard cell ) market,we have expanded our charter and introduced Reptechnic Design to cover areas which were previously “hidden” within the ASIC focused Design role. Today Reptechnic Design also offers expertise in FPGA design & development,design verification,system level consulting and the ability to provide turnkey development services.

In effecting our charter Reptechnic prefers to work with our principals and customers from the perspective of a “representative” rather than as a “distributor”, in that mode we encompass the complete perspective by providing strong technical links and capabilities together with the ability to craft a specific supply line solution to a customers needs. The name “Reptechnic” was chosen to reflect that combination of being a representative and yet also being highly technical. A combination that allows Reptechnic to serve its customers — and principals — so effectively.

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