Reptechnic Design Services – Overview

Project Engagements

How Reptechnic Design works with your organisation

Reptechnic Design realises that each company has its own unique development process, consequently we approach each project in the first instance by recognising and understanding our customers methods as well as their needs.In this way we ensure that our expertise is well integrated and synergistic with project requirements.
Engagement Models

Whether your need is for onsite engineers to supplement your design team, complete offsite turnkey, full project development, or something in between, Reptechnic Design is able to work with you to help in any or all phases of your project.

Project Costing

Once project requirements are understood, Reptechnic Design will provide a detailed quotation for the work to be done. This can be either:

  • Fixed-price quotation for complete project, with milestone payments and deliverables. This model is usually appropriate for medium to large projects.
  • Per hour, per engineer quote. The hourly rate will depend on the projected length of the engagement and the engineering skill level required.
    Satisfaction Assured

Reptechnic Design’s success is measured by that of our customers, consequently our perspective is to ensure that any engagement results in mutual satisfaction. To that end it is our policy to fully review and understand a projects unique requirements resulting in a warrantable agreement between the parties involved before projects commence.

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