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Reptechnic offers access to a number of ASIC technologies to help you implement your next design.

Reptechnic ASIC background

Reptechnic has had an extended partnership with LSI Logic since 1990 and as LSI’s authorised Australian Design Centre has an excellent record of bringing designs to completion in standard cell with LSI’s process and resources. With LSI’s changing market focus Reptechnic no longer functions as their design centre,however the expertise gained in that relationship is embedded in Reptechnic’s capabilities and carries forward allowing us to provide services for any company wishing to develop foundry based ASIC designs from your preferred source,LSI Logic inclusive.LSI LOGIC

Today our perspective is that eASIC’s Nextreme product offers customers an ideal solution to effect their design IP in a Structured ASIC format.Nextreme combines ASIC power and performance with an FPGA like logic structure (dual 4 input LUTs) to provide a cost effective alternative to expensive FPGAs up to 5M ASIC gates or 360K fpga equivalent cells,as well as to enable customers to develop SOC designs which might otherwise be restricted to expensive cell based ASIC technologies.

eASIC has been described as a “disruptive” technology, because it has the potential to change the way technology companies view their ASIC and FPGA design strategies. Here are eASIC’s key points:

  • Zero NREeASIC logoeasic_logo
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Design cycle far simpler than traditional ASIC
  • ASIC-like performance
  • ASIC-like unit costs
  • Zero re-spin cost
  • Free Tensilica CPU coreseASIC allows easy access to ASIC implementation. In the past, companies have been attracted to FPGAs for design implementation because of their low cost entry, and ease of access; eASIC changes all of that. eASIC has those advantages of FPGAs (low cost entry, ease of access) as well as offering superior performance to FPGAs, as well as offer far better unit costs, especially for larger designs.About eASIC

eASIC is a fabless semiconductor company offering breakthrough Structured ASIC devices and Configurable Logic IP aimed at dramatically reducing the overall fabrication cost and time of customized semiconductor chips. Low-cost, high-performance and fast-turn ASIC and System-on-Chip designs are enabled through patented technology of FPGA-like programmable logic coupled with ASIC-like Via-layer customizable routing. This innovative fabric efficiently employs mask-less customization with Direct-write e-Beam, and thus allows eASIC to offer NRE-free Structured ASICs. Founded in 1999, eASIC Corporation is privately held, headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Investors include Vinod Khosla, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers (KPCB), Crescendo Ventures, and Evergreen Partners.

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